Magical Space Pony: The Webcomic is a creative exercise in which the entire single-panel comic strip is conceived, written, drawn, and packed into a lunchbox in 10 minutes or less. Sometimes they’re funny. Sometimes they’re strange. Sometimes they’re complete non sequiters. Sometimes they’re just an excuse to draw a Magical Space Pony wearing odd hats.

The origins of this comic strip date back to a particularly hectic portion of my career wherein my wife and I worked opposite shifts — I worked late afternoons and evenings at a printing compnay, while she worked early morning opening shifts at her retail job. It seemed that we barely saw each other except for on weekends. During the week, we took to passing notes to keep in touch. A message on the dry erase board here, a note tucked into a lunchbox there. At first, they were only a few lines of scribbled text. Later, I started adding little doodles in the margins. And eventually, I started doing complete one-panel cartoons, of which the mysterious “Magical Space Pony” ended up as the primary mascot.

With the prompting of friends and the gracious permission of my wife, I have set up this webcomic as a way of sharing the ongoing Magicalness, Spaciness and Ponyness of the Magical Space Pony with a wider circle of friends and family.

Each day’s cartoon will be reprinted more or less exactly as it appeared in my wife’s lunchbox — Most were drawn under less than 10 minutes (the window of time between when my wife starts packing her lunch and when she heads out the door for work.) They are a creative snapshot of what a half-asleep mind can conjure up under the pressure of an instant deadline, using nothing but a pad of Post It┬« Notes and a narrow-point Sharpie┬«.

About the author: Kevin Yong works as a freelance writer and artist, as well as a digital prepress specialist in the printing industry. He is part of the New Creation Entertainment comic book studio, and the non-profit Christian Comic Arts Society. More details on his comics, blogs, and other writings can be found on the main website.