A warm welcome to any new readers who may have stumbled across this site, and a hearty thank you to those who have been longtime readers. As explained in the “About” page, these improv “10-minute comic strips” were originally intended as lunchbox notes back when my wife and I worked on opposite early-morning/late-night shifts at our jobs. With a change to less insane work schedules, and with an increasing amount of other creative projects demanding my time in real life, this webcomic has drifted into an indefinite hiatus.

I’ve left the site up as a monument to those fun crazy days of hastily scribbled lunchbox notes (and am posting in celebration of the fact that I’m still able to successfully update a dormant WordPress site without completely breaking anything!) And who knows — perhaps it will return again someday. Liz, Goldie, and the Magical Space Pony certainly aren’t gone. They’re just… snoozing. :)