The next stage in the evolution of the Magical Space Pony has him reappear as a tragically mis-cast actor, burdened with poor roles and even poorer costuming.  (As an artistic side note, the pony’s head in this version looked a little more dinosaurish than it’s eventual round cartoony look. The legs had lost the knobby knees, but had some sort of claws/toes that would disappear from the final designs.)

This particular sketch was doodled during a boring lunch break at work, which meant I had more than my usual ten minute deadline to write up the following script to accompany the spot illustration…

Title: A Conversation Somewhere in Hollywood

Person #1: So, we’re filming a remake of The Maltese Falcon…

Person #2: The classic noir detective movie startting Bogart?

Person #1: Yeah! Except this time, the detective won’t drink, smoke, shoot, or hit people. We want this remake to be “kid friendly”.

Person #2: So what will the detective do?

Person #1: Wear fashionable hats, maybe a colorful scarf.

Person #2: Wait… what?

Person #1: A scarf! Kids these days love scarves. After all, that’s what made Harry Potter such a hit?

Person #2: If you say so. Who’s going to play Sam Spade, the detective?

Person #1: Don’t know yet. He’s not the main character in the story anyway. We’re changing the movie so that the Maltese Falcon itself is the star.

Person #2: The… the Falcon is the star?

Person #1: Yeah! But we’re replacing the falcon with a magical space pony. The marketing guys say the kids’ll love it!

Person #2: …