The design of the Magical Space Pony came from an art assignment back when I was taking classes at Pasadena City College back in the mid-1990’s. The assignment was to create illustrated storyboards for Lewis Carroll’s poem, Jabberwocky. I invented a full range of potential character designs for everything from jub-jub birds to slithy toves. Among the designs was a smooth four-legged creature with a cheery smile, big black “alien” eyes, and bobbing antennae atop his head. After the class was finished, the design was filed away into an old portfolio and sat, unused, for the next decade.

The next appearance of what became the Magical Space Pony appeared after I was married. My wife (a voracious reader) asked me to decorate the plain cardstock bookmarks she was using on break at work. I doodled some random characters, one of which started off as a drawing of some sort of bug but then finished looking more like a horse. And on second glance, I recognized it as similar to one of the Jabberwocky creature designs I had done in art class a decade prior. Amused by the accidental return of this odd little creature as a bookmark mascot, I dubbed it “My Little Pony”…then immediately crossed out “pony” and wrote “bug”… then crossed out “bug”  in favor of some alternative descriptors… and then crossed out those and simply wrote “thing”. It’s final design and name would follow soon after.

(To be continued)