Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Magical Space Pony?
It’s a pony. From outer space. And it’s magical.

Why does Magical Space Pony wear a helmet and a rocket pack if its native habitat is in deep space, it can fly on its own and can survive without air?
Because helmets and jet packs look cool.

Why is the quality of the art so uneven? Why do the jokes make so little sense?
Because I write and draw them in less than ten minutes, while half-asleep before sunrise. By the time I post them, I probably won’t even remember having drawn them. Please see the “About” page for the full details.

What’s up with the lizard and the goldfish? Are they your pets?

“Liz” and “Goldie” are friends of the Magical Space Pony, and were introduced as guest hosts way back in this strip. And no, they’re not based on any actual pets. However, they are based on some as-yet unfinished children’s books by me and my wife, the idea of which actually predates this webcomic.

What does a Magical Space Pony look like?
Like this…

Diagram identifying a Magical Space Pony